• Reviewed by: Ciggy732  on: 2015-12-07T18:35:31
    You all are amazing. Tonight was the third time I ordered delivery and yours is the first time I have had a positive delivery experience in years. When I order after a stressful day, your prompt service, kind staff, and delicious and genourous food make things better every time. Don't ever change please!
  • Reviewed by: dana.coffield13  on: 2015-12-06T14:38:04
    came here with my boyfriend while exploring the area. everyone was So nice and friendly while explaining the Hot Pot dining to us! it was so delicious and the sushi was amazing too! will be back for sure!
  • Reviewed by: brettgarnier  on: 2015-08-14T10:21:30
    I visited for the first time last night and had a very good time. Your staff was friendly and attentive, the restaurant was clean, comfortable and nicely decorated. I enjoyed my meal very much and plan on coming back again soon. Thanks for the great dining experience.
  • Reviewed by: simon01801  on: 2015-04-23T16:43:02
    Have come many times. Loved the atmosphere and food. Sushi were delicious and fresh. Enjoyed hotpot and fun. Love its ice cream with such beautiful presentation and great flavor.
  • Reviewed by: jmcmitu  on: 2015-03-28T17:46:19
    Tried for the 1st time appetizers. Were great will be back thank you
  • Reviewed by: mwong0323  on: 2015-03-17T21:39:11
    Hot pot buffet needs more selection of food on the menu.
  • Reviewed by: Lisamjohnson1129  on: 2015-03-12T17:14:17
    Sonny is back at Ichiban!!!
  • Reviewed by: joee235  on: 2015-03-12T14:06:50
    Sad to hear that Sonny is not there anymore. We loved to go in and sit at the bar. Food is great, needs more advertisement...
  • Reviewed by: midway05  on: 2015-03-09T18:50:35
    are reservations recommended for saturday nights?
  • Reviewed by: simon01801  on: 2015-02-28T11:40:17
    Your food, service, and deco were great. Liked it. Restroom was clean. Overall is very nice. A couple of feedback1. A typo in the menu. Soda spelled Soad.2. The snack is bit greasy and salty. Ichiban is a hidden gem and the value will be uncovered.
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