• Reviewed by: sienacatherine  on: 2017/12/3 13:46:16
    Our favorite hot pot location!! We absolutely love the food and atmosphere, everything we get with hot pot is fresh and tasty! We come very often, and recommend to everyone in the area! The tempura roll is the best that I have ever had.
  • Reviewed by: test  on: 2017/11/23 19:25:04
  • Reviewed by: Rconlon13  on: 2016-08-19T04:02:13
    Hello,Celebrated a birthday there last night. Ordered the lobster tempura roll that contained fried shrimp. This was totally unacceptable for usually such a good place. I still believe a refund is due on that item to me !
  • Reviewed by: jmguerra66  on: 2016-06-01T19:11:15
    1. My order arrived more thana half and hour late, The food is COLD and when I bit into my chicken tempura there was a STAPLE in the food. I would like a FULL refund. I can be reached at 857-261-6535
  • Reviewed by: Bikein2006  on: 2016-04-15T02:20:15
    I was told to try you out quite a while ago. well now and now find out why your food is amazing. One of my favorite dish"s. Was the best i have ever had. and have to say i am now a true believer. While waiting i had saw the food coming out to other tables. and you could see from the people just what i was in for. one guy put a fork full into his mouth and i new he was enjoying it justifiably. so the yum was from the gut it must of been the dish to order. because everyone there took and emptying that plate clean. So now it happens the food arrives nice i took my fork before i plate it and yup that was fantastic my i give it a loud yum and wanted to just put the dish at my table mat and finish it without s :sharing it but to my surprise the next dish was great as well and so on ! You get a10 out of ten and that is rare for me and if you knew how close i live and you will you would say see you soon lol I'm going to be there this weekend for a check up. Thanks for a great Dinner !
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